WIS Deep Moisturizing Facial Mask with Hyaluronic Acid 24 Pack

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  • Product Detail
      The facial hydrating 24 pcs sheet masks rich in witch hazel extract, which can soothe and cleanse the skin excess oil.
  • Product Function
      Chamomile soothing skin-irritation itching; ease redness and inflammation;repair acne skin
  • How to use
      Step 1: Apply to clean skin and leave on for 15-20 minutes.
      Step 2: Splash with water or wipe off with a warm, damp washcloth.

Customer Reviews

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Hang Nguyen
Must try!

My skin felt cold and a little plump, but it felt so much better than before my shower.

The next day, as always happens when I start up hyaluronic serums of any kind, my cheeks broke out a little. Always happens, so I just left that alone until the next day. The rest of my skin - that day and the next - felt SO good! More supple and elastic. I kept touching my face to feel how much it reminded me of the firmness of my daughters' skin!

Great buy and easy to use

What I like about the mask is:

- It's easy to apply. No measuring, no drops on fingertips, no wondering if I'm using enough product.
- It's standardized and equal. The mask puts the same amount of product all over my face. I know that I skimp on my cheeks, chin, and parts around my eyes when I apply drops from a container. My eye area needs the moisture the most but I don't apply drops around it because I'm worried about my eyes.
- No reactions with my contact lenses or eyes
- The mask fit my face really well. The eye openings were a great size. The nose cutout was flexible and fit my medium nose great.
- Minimal packaging

Totally worth the cost. These masks will be part of my Sunday night routine from now on.

Jennifer Cortez
Best mask

I have purchased a few items from this brand, I would purchase every single one again. My skin breaks out often, even at 30 and looks dull, dehydrated and lots of sun damage. These products have my skin looking healthier than ever and they smell good but not too much perfume like with other products.

LapBun Lee
can't wait to write a review

WIS Intensive Hydrating Facial Mask Smoothing Face Sheet Mask work well on my sensitive, dry, rosacea prone skin. My face feels hydrated and my skin feels soothed after wearing for 15-20 minutes. I massage in any remaining serum and I don't need any additional products if I use it at bedtime.

Amazon Customer

I give these to all of my make up clients and they love them. Also if you want to add them on as a luxury service perfection

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