WIS Timeback Moisturizer 50g for Anti-Aging and Brightening

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Q: Is there any fragrance or irritatingly ingredients?
A: No,this cream contain is retional, which is a gentle ingredient and can deeply moisturizes skin.

Q: How long can it be delivered after placing an order?
A: WIS is shipped locally from the United States and arrives within 3 days.

Q: Are there any fragrances added?
A: It don't add any fragrance.It make us feeling really good.

Customer Reviews

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Anne Luna


Daphne B Schalau

I bought it after seeing the top wrinkle creams recommended by several online reviews. It contains retinol, which has actually been scientifically proven to work. I don't want prescription strength due to my sensitive skin. After using it, I noticed a big difference in the wrinkles around my forehead and mouth. I have insanely sensitive, combination skin, so facials can take me forever to find the right one. I usually use a very high end product but find it works better.

Kare Saretsky
Great Product!

I was paying about $200 for a dermatologist recommended moisturizer for a few months and then I try WIS moisturizer and this one is even better than the $200 one. This one just feels incredible on my skin and it moisturizes so well. No sticky residue, no scent just a superb moisturizer. I give it 5 stars and the price is very cheap compared to the other product I was using. I've been stocking up on this one.

ally wandtke

The cream was bought by a friend. I am thankful dear Miss Cynthia for letting me find it on Shopify.This product is so useful for me, I have very dry skin and have so many wrinkles that I had to look for various products to get rid of them. Have used so many useless products that I would call them fakes,they cheated me of too much money and time. This cream is moisturizing and has a very good wrinkle-removing effect. After using it for about a week, I obviously found that the wrinkles around the corners of my eyes have become much smoother.

susan swanson
Very helpful

I've used it for a week or two, so I can say how it works for wrinkles or loose skin. Though I am in my early 20's I don't have many. But i have read that it helps firm and tighten loose skin and aid in wrinkles. But I just started getting into facial skin care. The smell is amazing. It is super soft and delightful. It is super moisturizing. But I plan on ordering another one. I will have to see how it actually helps my face as far as skin wise other than moisturizing.

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